About us

Distributed remotely

At Cleverclip we work remotely. We don’t only have different talents but we also write, design, plan and produce from various places. In order that all of this works smoothly, we put self-managing at the top of the list. And it works and has proven itself – thanks to remote work, we are more productive, more creative and above all, happier.

We are not only location independent, our working day is also flexible in a different way because we can organise our time independently. We basically work 24 hours a day because of the different time zones. Everyone takes responsibility and works in their own field with a full commitment to the end product.

Small team, working globally

Costa Rica, Kuala Lumpur, Zürich, Berlin, Hamburg, Russia, Spain…the list of working places is long and constantly gets longer. You can find our headquarter in the capital city of Switzerland, Bern. However, there are hardly any limits to our offices. As long as there is a working Internet connection, we choose our own place to work - be it in the café in a cozy old town in Switzerland or even on a beach in California.

We are concept designers, illustrators, texters, developers, didacticians, drawers, consultants, graphic artists, UX specialists, organisational talents and design thinkers. We are Cleverclip.

From a one-man show to an award-winning agency

Cleverclip originates from a one-man company that started in 2013. Quickly it became clear to the founder and CEO, Carlo Badini, that he couldn’t handle the demand by himself and grew the creative team up to 30 members today. They all work daily to make the world a little simpler, and they know what they are doing. In the past years, they got to celebrate a nomination for the Finals of the Swiss Economic Award at the SEF, an audience award at the Swiss Startup Award and a Global Student Entrepreneur award.

While Cleverclip focused on explainer videos at the beginning, infographics, interactive learnings and presentations joined the product folder one after the other. Today they all belong to the daily business of the Information Design Agency. Everything to make the world a little easier to understand and to explain complicated topics in an easy to grasp way.


Complicated product? Extensive prozess? Doesn’t matter what – we will help you explain your complicated subject clearly and understandably.

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