Cleverclip explainer videos

Because the world is already complicated enough

You have an idea. People need to be able to understand it before it knocks their socks off. But you need to explain it first. This is where Cleverclip comes into play.

Explaining the complex

A Cleverclip explainer video allows you to explain a complex topic so that it can be understood and remembered longer.

A penchant for perfection

High quality is always our first priority. Our visual artists custom-produce each and every explainer video so that it is tailor-made for your topic.

Close collaboration

We will advise you personally, get regular feedback from you and incorporate your wishes and needs.

Why use an explainer video?

Because people think in pictures

We all think in images. Even the ancient Greeks figured that out. It's common knowledge that it is easier to remember things if they are presented in image form. This is the principle behind an explainer video. Whiteboard Animation or Motion Design. A Cleverclip explainer video engages multiple senses at a time and sticks in the viewer's mind longer than the spoken word.

Current examples of explainer videos

An excerpt from our latest work

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