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3D explainer video

The 3D animation style brings depth and realism to your explanatory videos. By using three-dimensional objects and scenes, complex relationships and motion sequences can be shown realistically.

The 3D animation

A 3D explainer video is the perfect means of communication for complex topics. The 3D style is particularly suitable if you want to show products or processes from different angles. The three-dimensional presentation makes it possible to present complex concepts in a realistic environment and thus create a deep understanding among the audience.

3D animation examples

In 3D animations, all elements and the space in which the elements move are three-dimensional. This type of animation is complex and particularly suitable for short but memorable videos. You can really captivate your audience with the real 3D shapes.

Complicated becomes aha!

3D animations are the ideal solution for an impressive and detailed presentation of your messages.

Our Customers

Customised solutions for start-ups and established companies from a wide range of industries.

Universitat Bern
SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
world economic forum
vifor pharma

Customer Statements

I particularly liked the uncomplicated cooperation

Thanks to an explanatory video by Cleverclip, we were able to explain an internal project in a friendly and simple way. I particularly liked the uncomplicated cooperation and the committed young team. Changes and criticism were professionally accepted and quickly implemented until we were completely satisfied with the solution.

Julie-Ann Trachsel
Ehemalige Projektmitarbeiterin Strategische Entwicklung Migros
Straightforward collaboration

The video, professionally narrated and produced by Cleverclip, explains our complex software in just 90 seconds. The collaboration was pleasant, uncomplicated and always comprehensible thanks to a convincing process.

Reto Vogt
Head of Content Scope
Structured and professional

Cleverclip used crisp explanatory videos to present our core messages precisely and concisely. The team understood our requirements straight away and our ideas were well received and integrated. Cleverclip works in a structured and professional manner, and the collaboration was flawless and pleasant at all times. Keep up the good work!

Yves Farine
Ehemaliger Product Owner Web isolution
Complex becomes understandable

We value the consistent and creative implementation expertise, targeted and focussed on the essentials. Thanks to its flexible way of thinking, Cleverclip is able to present our highly complex content in a simple and understandable way.

Francine Thurnher
Head of Communications swisscontact
Keep up the good work!

Cleverclip has managed to explain our complex business model in an easy-to-understand and original way. Our expectations regarding project organisation, handling and implementation were simply exceeded! Keep up the good work!

Daniel Pfister
Senior Partner und CEO Independent Credit View AG
Independent Credit View AG
A big thank you!

Cleverclip reduces the complex interrelationships to the essentials through the visualisations, so that the viewer quickly understands what it is all about. As expected, the collaboration with Cleverclip was pragmatic and uncomplicated. A big thank you to the whole Cleverclip team!

Olivier Ferilli
Produktmanager Swisscom
It's so easy to turn an idea into a storyboard

How do you explain a vision and a mission? Cleverclip skilfully transformed what we had as an idea into a simple storyboard. Thanks to efficient project management and comprehensible illustrations and animations, the scribble video was ready within a very short time: the Biomed vision and mission explained with pinpoint accuracy!

Thomas Schlecht
Leiter Marketing Biomed
Great experience with excellent results!

Cleverclip works professionally, efficiently and goal-orientated. Our wishes were taken seriously and yet the explainer video specialists never lost sight of the big picture. A wonderful experience that led to a very nice, exciting result.

Christoph Leibundgut
Manager Kommunikation interlaken
Inspiring collaboration

The collaboration was uncomplicated, fast and inspiring. With its many years of experience, Cleverclip forces you to break away from (overly) complicated language and adopt a new perspective - it's worth it!

Barbara Hell
Kommunikationsfachfrau Schweizer Eidgenossenschaft
Schweizer Eidgenossenschaft
The collaboration is uncomplicated, professional and refreshingly relaxed

We were looking for inspiring, entertaining educational and explanatory videos - in Cleverclip we have found a provider that can develop such formats precisely for us. The collaboration so far has been uncomplicated, professional and at the same time refreshingly relaxed. Many thanks for the realisation in a really tight time frame - we look forward to further joint projects!

Jakob Hasselgruber
Ehemaliger Manager Digital Learning Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn
We immediately felt understood by the team

Working with Cleverclip is uncomplicated, creative and to the point. We immediately felt understood by the team and were not disappointed: the results completely convinced us and our target group.

Verena Jucker
Leiterin Kommunikation
Uncomplicated and professional way of working

I appreciate the uncomplicated and professional way in which the Cleverclip artists work. The results are impressive and the collaboration gets better with every job.

Antuan Pace
Leiter Multimedia BKW
High quality and appealing style

Cleverclip has produced several short explanatory videos for us that get to the heart of complex issues in an understandable and clear way. The high quality and appealing style of the clips impressed us just as much as the efficient way of working and the professional expertise of the team. We are very satisfied with the result and would like to thank them for their friendly cooperation.

Carolin Quaas
Consultant Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Our award-winning team

We love to look at our clients' issues from a different perspective. Our mission: to rethink complex topics and convey messages clearly and with flair, no matter where, how or when.


An explainer video is an effective and appealing way of conveying complex information in a short and understandable way. The combination of questions and answers works well.

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