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5 easy steps to becoming a Creative Champion!

Natalie Ediger, November 19, 2015· Digital Learning

The black hole in the head

I’m sure you’re familiar with the fact that you have an idea. Full of energy, you set to work. At last you can be creative, at last you can really shine and show what you are made of…

But pustekuchen! A black hole swirls in your head that attracts and mercilessly devours even the smallest creative impulse. The empty leaf remains empty. No matter how hard you try.

Not a hopeless situation, thank God: the five simple tricks below collapse the black hole and help you to finally be full of inspiration again.

Step 1: Criticism is your friend

The basic rule: Don’t be afraid of criticism! Those who are afraid of exposing themselves will inevitably inhibit their creative output. This is one of the reasons why young children are unbeatable at putting their ideas into practice: They don’t give a damn what other people think of their artworks. So it’s a good idea to be a little more child in this area as well… Not to mention that criticism – at least of a constructive nature – is a good thing. Because it helps you to improve.

Step 2: Change your environment

We often forget that our environment constantly influences us mentally. This is especially true for our work environment. Try to arrange your workplace in such a way that it inspires you. Even small changes can have positive effects… For example, a small plant, more (and more pleasant) light, even a small toy like a couple of Lego bricks can help your creativity. Experiment! The main thing is that it works.

Step 3: Scribble on it

Now it’s getting more concrete: What is the best kick starter for our creativity? Exactly, scribbling! Surely you remember your school days. Boring lessons were only survived with the help of a pen. While the teacher was giving a lecture, they painted what was going on… No teacher likes that, but wrongly: scientists found out that this scribbling boosts our brain performance and makes us more creative. So don’t hesitate to scribble at the next meeting. (But you better inform the chair of the meeting about the advantages of scribbling first… Not that he puts you in front of the door.)

Step 4: Practice makes perfect

Or to put it another way: “No master has yet fallen from heaven.” This sentence is still valid. Also with regard to creativity.

Those who practice automatically become better. For example, no matter how incapable you are of drawing, if you sit down every day and draw something, you will notice notice noticeable progress in your skills in a short time. So, stay tuned and don’t give up! Because the joy of improving yourself motivates like hardly anything else. And ultimately leads to creative energy.

Step 5: Movement, movement

If all the above tips have not yet led to inspiration, then there is only one thing left for you to do: Put the pen down, stand up, mount your sweatpants and out into nature! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a marathon. Even a short walk to the end of the street has a positive effect on your creative energy.

If you bite too hard into your task, you will soon be faced with a blockade. A little distance is very helpful. And don’t forget that physical activity in the fresh air leads a lot of oxygen into the bloodstream and drives our brains to peak performance.

The main thing is fun

We hope that you can take some ideas from this article to support your creative activities. And here is a final bonus tip: the main thing is that you enjoy your creative work! Fun is the best and most reliable motivator you can wish for.