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7 Blogs To Brighten Up Your Day

Natalie Ediger, May 22, 2017· Digital Learning

The number of blogs on the Internet is endless and it’s a real challenge to know what it’s worth following. So that you don’t get lost unnecessarily in the vastness of the Internet, we’ve made you a list of our favorite blogs. This list is a small excerpt from our sources of inspiration, where we keep ourselves informed about the latest news and where we spend our time “postponing productive work”.

Creative Boom // @creativeboommag

Whether the 10 best TED talks, the new fancy design of a trendy restaurant or the photo documentation of an up-and-coming city – Creative Boom reports about it. It’s an online magazine for anyone who’s at home in the creative industry. Crisp articles, beautiful pictures and elegant layout – definitely worth a visit.

Typewolf // @typewolf

Even if typewolf is very specific, it is not only a great tool, but also a really good pastime. Jeremiah Shoaf’s side project became a must when it comes to fonts. It’s one thing to scroll through endless pages of Lorem Ipsum. At typewolf you can see how the fonts will really look in a digital layout – or how they would say “in the wild”. Whether you’re a font geek or not, it’s a beautiful home page where you can also just let your gaze wander over the letters.

Begin the Begin // @jeffhilimire

Of course you can’t expect a design of the same quality from an entrepreneur, but Jeff Hilimire’s articles are worth reading – even if they’re not quite as sexy as those from a design blog. On his website “Begin the Begin” he writes about all kinds of things about startups, leadership and innovation. He has wonderful book recommendations, podcast tips (born a crime by Trevor Noah, what else) and product reviews (Bullet Journal, Chromebook).


Quipsologies is part of Underconsideration – a collection of different blogs about different fantastic things. As the name suggests, Quipsologies is a collection of nice words compiled by Armin and Byrony. Logos, fashion or enchanting GIfs – you’ll find everything there. So you can start the day scrolling and with a cappuccino.


When it comes to innovation, we are big fans of Alex Osterwalder’s strategyzr’s blog. Besides all the business model canvas things, it’s also about topics like corporate culture, how to hold more efficient meetings and how to better focus on your customers. If you don’t want to read the blog every day, both Twitter accounts @strategyzr and @AlexOsterwalder are perfect summaries and sources of inspiration.


Even though there is almost too much content here, it is definitely worth a visit. If you have a little time to read through the many topics, you will find valuable articles on leadership, entrepreneurship and much more. Our insider tip: Follow HBR on Facebook – so you can easily get notifications – and learn something instead of likening the photo of the eating cat.

The Octopus

We love IDEO – and they have a wonderful little blog called “The Octopus” – one of the most curious creatures on our planet, (here you can read more about the naming) From “A day in the life of a design researcher” to “How Chatbots are changing Design” to “How to design a meeting that doesn’t suck” – the blog offers you all kinds of useful articles. Well researched, beautifully written and beautifully designed – what more could you ask for?

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations. Do you have any tips on blogs we should definitely visit? Then always give it to us. Are you interested in more news about explanation videos and the daily work at Cleverclip? Then subscribe to our newsletter!