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Cleverclip – How It All Began

Natalie Ediger, October 2, 2017· Cleverclip

Storytelling is our business. We tell complicated things with crisp stories and appropriate visual support – making them a little easier. So, let’s tell you a story. The story of how it all started with Cleverclip.

The Cleverclip team looked into the eyes of the evil world-complicated makers with a laugh. Breathing heavily, they decided to found a company. A company that produces high-quality, easy-to-understand explanatory videos, exceptionally sophisticated infographics and highly interactive learning platforms to explain the incredibly complex processes, services and products of innovative, modern, agile world market leaders in and around the Swiss Confederation. The result: a start-up in a secret declaration mission, with the license to make the world easier – and a sex appeal not to be despised.

Sounds a bit like a grim fairy tale? That’s right. But that’s not how it really happened. In fact, the first Cleverclip explanation video was made almost 5 years ago. The goal was to make the production process comprehensible to the employees of an industrial company – using a whiteboard animation. At that time Cleverclip was still a 1-man show. It quickly became clear, however, that Carlo alone could not handle all the orders. Over the years the team has grown to over 20 highly qualified and motivated colleagues who are dedicated to making the world a little easier.

In the meantime, our range has also expanded considerably. While the first explanatory video was still a whiteboard animation, Cleverclip now offers this classic as well as completely digitally animated videos and individual film productions. Graphic Recordings, in which a live draughtsman graphically records a meeting or a workshop, are also part of our offer today. In addition, there are numerous other products, such as Infographics or Interactive Learning Formats – all with the aim of making the world a little easier.

However, the upper story is not entirely invented. Because if we have one, it’s sex appeal. Our way of working is really special and that is the sex appeal that makes us dedicate ourselves every day to the projects of our clients. That’s what they all say, you mean? Maybe, but with us it’s true. What we do differently and why we are really sexy you can read in our blog articles about Remote Work, Team Retreats and our work attitude.

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