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Digital Learning – The Future Of Learning Is Here

Natalie Ediger, June 12, 2018· Digital Learning

Digital Learning is booming. Whether as private further training or as part of employee development in companies. But what is the attraction of digital learning? Why does it work so well and what are the possibilities?

The Success Factors of Digital Learning

The advantages are quickly clarified: for many of us, learning independently of time and place is a decisive factor for further education at all. In addition, digital learning can be adapted to individual needs, so that everyone can benefit from exactly what he or she wants. Whether digital or traditional learning methods – success naturally varies from person to person. But it is precisely the ability to adjust speed and difficulty that offers many learners a more efficient experience.

Nowadays, lifelong learning is part of everyday working life and companies react to it. Digital Learning offers the opportunity to prepare employees from different hierarchical levels and areas for the rapidly changing world of work. Employees are motivated to take advantage of training opportunities that can be integrated into their daily work and offer a rapid transfer of knowledge.

From the company’s point of view, it is a cost-effective option to bring many employees up to the same level quickly and efficiently. Especially when employees are located at different locations, Digital Learning can ensure that everyone receives the same information. Instead of having all employees come together in a seminar room, this is solved virtually. This saves costs, time and effort.

Of course, digital learning can be used as an addition to classroom instruction. But depending on the size of the group, it is also possible to ensure that the necessary interaction takes place online and that the exchange of experience between the learners takes place.

Digital Learning – the possibilities

From online seminars and videos to interactive quizzes – the possibilities for e-learning are endless. So how does a company choose the right format? Should it be an entire platform? Maybe an app? Or individual videos that explain the new processes simply and clearly? It is important to know to whom the content should be communicated. The target group analysis should not be underestimated. Only if it is clear who should benefit from the content can it be properly prepared.

Interactive digital learning formats are particularly effective. After all, those who have to actively deal with the content learn it more consciously and it stays in their minds better. We all know it from our school days. If learning is fun, then it is efficient. And grey facts and figures are definitely less fun than visually appealing information wrapped in stories, which at best can still be recorded actively and playfully.

Digital Learning offers opportunities – for companies and employees. Which scope, which methods and which formats come into question is individually different. But this is precisely where the appeal lies, because digital learning can respond precisely to these personal needs.