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5 Steps To The Perfect Kickstarter Video

Natalie Ediger, February 28, 2019· Cleverclip

Your Kickstarter idea’s long gone. You know exactly what you want to achieve and are confident that you will inspire your fellow men. Your target group, the financial aspects and opinions in the team are clear. Then you have already made a huge step. Also, how you want to advertise for your project, you have planned for the most part. Depending on the topic, you have decided on mailings, tweets, Facebook advertising, press channels or other activities. But how do you transport your idea? The core of your Kickstarter campaign is a video – and that’s exactly what has to be convincing. Most potential supporters watch the video first and then decide whether or not they want to go ahead with the project.

We’ll now give you some tips on how to make your Kickstarter campaign a success with the right video – in just five steps.

1. The first seconds must be convincing

In order for your viewers to watch your video at all, you have to convince them as soon as possible. You should have mentioned your project or service in the first 10 seconds. The potential supporters must be enthusiastic within 20 seconds. If you manage that, your viewers will eat out of your hand and just enjoy the rest of the video.

For the overall length, the proven formula “the spice is in the brevity” applies. You shouldn’t exceed the 3 minute limit under any circumstances.

2. Inspire as many people as possible

Of course you want to reach as many people as possible with your idea. Although you have a clear target group in mind, it is of course great if you can inspire completely different people with this idea. It is important that you always keep this in mind. Think carefully about how you can attract as many people as possible. For example, what small detail could convince those whom you think have no interest at all in you and your project? Find out and use this knowledge! A little tip: Record your video in English. Subtitles can be added later with the Kickstarter video tool.

3. Not professionalism, but authenticity

The great thing about Kickstarter videos is that they don’t have to be made professionally. The be-all and end-all is authenticity. Make sure you shoot in a quiet place with no background noise (unless, of course, it’s just the noise you need). A good light is another point to keep in mind. Whether it’s daylight or you’re helping yourself with lamps doesn’t matter. If you pay attention to these two points, the next step is to put yourself and your product in the limelight. And this is where your creativity is needed. You know best what your viewers benefit from and can convince them of it best. Give it your all and trust that you will convince with authenticity.

It could be that you have to spend a little money on your video. Note that the financial effort is proportionate to your campaign goal.


How do you also achieve authenticity? Exactly by showing emotions. So, in addition to your idea, also communicate why you are so committed to it. What is so important to you? Why do you invest all this time in your project? What is your motivation? And who else is behind it besides you? It is best if you include the whole team in your video. Tell the potential supporters a story, something to identify with, admiration or curiosity. This is exactly what you achieve most easily with humanity.

5. Last but not least  – the call to action

Finally, of course, you have to tell your viewers what the next step is. Ask them directly – or rather, ask them – to support you in your project and help you make your dream come true. And now, we wish you lots of fun and success with your Kickstarter-Video!