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Gamified Learning – Why We Learn Better In a Playful Way

Natalie Ediger, August 16, 2018· Digital Learning

Gamified Learning awakens curiosity and makes you want to learn. But healthy ambition and the desire to achieve better results also motivate us to continue. Gamified Learning is a modern and future-oriented e-learning tool with which content can be easily communicated – for fun, efficiency and success. Instead of a round of Candy Crush, course participants can also learn on their way home in the train or during lunch break, while having fun.

Gamified Learning – with fun to the goal

Gamified Learning is not a one-way communication but encourages learners to actively engage with the content. But above all, it is fun and does not feel like a strenuous timpani. Digital learning concepts have been celebrating great success for a long time. Instead of just using videos or infographics to impart knowledge, however, playful elements can be used to encourage participants to deal with the content even more actively.

Successes – for example in the form of trophies or cups – and rankings provide additional motivation and stimulate ambition. If, for example, an employee is in third place in an e-learning course for his company, his motivation to win is definitely stimulated. The applications of Gamified Learning are endless – whether in the education and training of employees, schools and universities or as an opportunity to learn a new language. No matter in which field, the playful aspect of learning is attractive for all of us.

Gamified Learning Formats can be individually tailored to the respective wishes and requirements. So that the participants can learn exactly what they want. Of course, e-learning for the employees of an IT company also looks very different from a language app for seniors in terms of design. The use of Gamified Learning for a company also shows employees that the fun factor at work should not be neglected.

Gamified learning – that’s what counts

It is important that there is a story behind e-learning. Stories help us to internalize content better – and the game aspect reinforces this. To give the participants a task, such as defeating the evil monster, can be a first clue. Players may also be able to choose a character or avatar at the very beginning of the e-learning – this creates closeness and makes it easier to identify with the whole.

Time pressure can also be a way to motivate and spur players on. The last quiz of a unit, for example, can only be solved within 2 minutes. The participants should also always have the opportunity to see their previous successes. For example in an overview menu with their very own trophy collection. Anything that can somehow drive the drive to play and ambition helps to keep the participants happy and motivate them to continue dealing with the content.

Well then, let the games begin!