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Presenting Products – How To Drive More Customers?

Natalie Ediger, April 30, 2019· Explainer Video

Our product range is becoming more diverse almost day by day. It is not always easy to present this wide range in such a way that every customer finds what he wants. But there are a few points that everyone who presents a product to potential customers can consider.

Present products? The best way to do this is with emotions

Yes, even if they are “only” products. With a pinch of emotion they can trigger exactly what potential customers need: Feelings. Curiosity, anticipation, nostalgia or admiration, joy or pure enthusiasm. The possibilities are endless. Let’s just start with the presentation of a certain product on its website. Here everything must be put in the perfect light.
As so often very important: Who is the target group? Who should be interested in the product at all? Only when this is really clear can you consider how to present your product. Because: Presenting products needs to be learned. Maybe it’s a slightly longer text, maybe a great product shoot with technical illustrations. Maybe it’s a video that just makes you want more.

But also a presentation, sent as PDF or in print form, is a wonderful way to present your product. Especially printed out, you should definitely choose a high-quality paper. Holding and leafing through a beautiful presentation on stable paper is no comparison to faded colours and newsprint. Except, of course, that’s exactly the concept behind this presentation. Of course, all this can also be solved digitally. Whether via a large screen, a handy tablet or an interactive platform. There are possibilities. All you have to do is find one that really suits you and your product.

Today’s world is characterized by an abundance of information. This means that you have to be convinced quickly. So no matter whether a presentation takes place on the website, is sent as a PDF file or printed out and taken to a meeting, it has to be quick. When we present products, pictures are generally more effective than too much text. A video can also be supportive. So the potential customers don’t have to worry about anything, can only press play and enjoy.

Present products – create images

Facts and figures can quickly become tiresome. Presenting products should not be dry, but should put you in a good mood. It is therefore important to create images in the minds of the viewers. If actual images are required for this, high resolutions and good quality should of course be ensured. But pictures can also be created by the imagination. With very simple questions, for example, you can ask potential customers to imagine what their personal, perfect edition of the product to be advertised should look like? What characteristics could it have? In any case, the product should become tangible for potential customers. And that with emotions, emotions, emotions. Introducing new products is always a bit like jumping in the deep end. But what is it called so beautifully? Who dares, wins. The idea for the product was right at the beginning. Now it’s a matter of bringing the whole thing to life and bringing it to the man or woman. Success can only be achieved if enough people are convinced of the product, i.e. of the original idea.

Present, but how?

The advantage of personal meetings is, of course, that the product can be taken with you right away and you can literally go live with it and try it out for yourself. A PowerPoint presentation can also be effective. But it has to be done right. Professional help can certainly be a good idea here. Because PowerPoint does not necessarily have to mean static slides, whole animations are possible that can really convince potential customers. Another very important place for us at Cleverclip to present our products are trade fairs. As a company, we regularly visit such trade fairs and dedicate one hundred percent of our time during these days to our customers and products. We take the time to discuss every last detail with interested people, but we also give the opportunity to deal with our products alone and we are available for questions.

The most important thing, no matter what form of presentation you choose for your products, is conviction and authenticity. If you are not a thousand percent enthusiastic about your product yourself, it will be difficult to get others enthusiastic about it. And sympathy is also always an important topic. And this is still best achieved with a large portion of authenticity.