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Success with Remote Work

Natalie Ediger, October 30, 2015· Cleverclip

The Inexistence of the New

“Originality is nothing but a previously undiscovered plagiarism.” This is what Voltaire, one of the most famous authors of the European Enlightenment, said. And that in the 18th century… Long before our rushed, modern times, in which everything must be innovative and unique. A quotation that makes you think. After all, it follows from this that – no matter in which area of our lives – nothing new exists or can exist. So being creative is nothing more than imitating something exciting.

A sobering thought. Especially because creativity is highly valued in our time.

Creativity is King!

Creative people have it easier, they say. And creativity is expected today in many professional fields. Every company that seriously wants to take care of successful marketing, for example, has to deal with the fact that today it is very difficult to inspire and surprise people. In order to stand out from the unmanageable flood of advertising and social media campaigns, you need fresh, innovative ideas. What is needed are people who not only do what they are told (these times are long gone), but who independently contribute their share to the success of a company.

Routine: The enemy of creativity

Creativity is in many ways similar to a small flower. It is pretty and yet so strong that it can break through concrete. But if a flower doesn’t get water, it withers pretty quickly. Because water is necessary and the basis for a flourishing existence.

This is exactly how it is with the creative energy in a company. Nothing is more deadly for creativity than monotonous, always the same work processes in always the same place. That’s right: routine is the biggest enemy. What can help against it? What is the “water” for creativity?

Remote Work

By definition, remote work is “work that is not completed at the workplace”. Many up-and-coming companies swear by this principle – precisely with the ulterior motive that working in a dingy office hampers the creative energy of employees. With today’s technical possibilities, remote work is no longer a problem. Smartphones and the Internet play their part in making working in a place other than the office so popular – and so successful – today.

What’s the point?

At first glance, Remote Work has three major advantages:

1. the employer can rely on the employee being grateful for the freedoms he has been granted and that he is rewarding this freedom with high-quality work.

The employee is relieved of the laborious obligation to drag himself to the office every morning. Working from home is more fun!

3. remote work provides the employee with a powerful boost in creativity, as he can work in a quiet and familiar environment without being disturbed by employees all the time.

Remote Work pays for itself by providing an innovative work ethic among the workforce. One of the cornerstones of success!