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Umfrage Trends 2020

Survey trends for 2021

Natalie Ediger, December 4, 2020· Interactive Content

Umfrage Trends 2020

What survey trends can we expect for the upcoming year?

This year has changed a lot. Our private life. Our professional life. All areas of life are being characterized by a technological and social change. And this change has also reached the market research. Motivating a user to participate in a survey has always been a challenge. Why should anyone even bother to fill out a survey? Charity? We live in an age in which no one has the time or desire to do unnecessary things (for themselves personally). The rapid digitalization brought about by the pandemic has turned everything upside down even more. Surveys are extremely important instruments for gaining precise insights into the target group and positioning the company strategically.

In order to get your surveys ready for next year, I searched for some developments that will define market research in the coming year. Curtain up, here are the survey trends 2021.

Short, “smart” surveys

To get any response from today’s consumer, everything has to be a little shorter and faster. The average representative of the goldfish generation only likes “snack content”. Why should it be different with a survey?

In order to collect data effectively and accurately, achieve good response rates and obtain honest feedback, the survey should be short and efficient. With the right technological tools, for example, certain demographic information can be stored so that it does not need to be asked unnecessarily. Also, make sure that the questions are varied and interesting to avoid fatigue and drop-out rates.

More User Experience (UX)

User Experience is the buzzword in online marketing and absolutely crucial these days. Therefore, UX will also have an impact on the creation of surveys. On the one hand, this includes the easy handling of online surveys, short loading times and a clear design. But user experience is about much more than “just” usability. Today it is important to pack any marketing process into an exciting journey. This is the only way to attract the attention of the user.

In this context, interactive surveys in particular will play a major role. Even small elements such as moving graphics or typography can motivate the target group to participate. Or you can wrapt the entire survey in a vivid game. Such an attractive format is not only fun, but also provides you with valuable data.

The survey should also be as personalized as possible. Integrate a logo and adapt the colors to the company colors. A recognition value pays off in this day and age.

Answers in no-time

Oh the hectic digitalized society of today. Everything has to work out in a jiffy. And that is often the big problem with surveys. Users are often motivated at the beginning, open the survey and see the many pages in front of them. Hasta la vista. For the year 2021 we can therefore see a trend towards short surveys. Smaller surveys or polls, as we know them partly from social media. Surveys that enable market analysis within minutes. This type of market research is especially interesting if you have to choose between two alternatives and want to get a rough insight or tendency.

AI based surveys

An exciting development in the field of market research will be the increased use of technology. Artificial intelligence in particular plays an important role here. With features such as facial recognition, the behavior, mood and feelings of users can be determined contactlessly. This is not only an interesting experience for the user and a change from conventional survey formats, but also provides extremely detailed insights for the brand or company. Artificial intelligence also plays a key role in personalizing the experience, which, as mentioned earlier, is an important step towards a higher user experience.

Mobile Surveys

51% of global web traffic is generated by a mobile device. And the worldwide use of smartphones continues to grow. That’s why it’s important to optimize surveys for the mobile device and make them mobile-friendly. Make sure that the design is adapted to the smartphone display and that all elements can be loaded quickly and easily.

Changed qualitative research methods

In addition to quantitative survey formats, experts also expect some changes in qualitative research.

More longitudinal studies

Market researchers see a trend in the coming year towards longitudinal studies. In this type of study, a sample with predefined characteristics is analyzed over a longer period of time. In this way, insights can be gained at different points in time. Above all, this makes it possible to obtain data at the macroeconomic level and analyze changes in behavior.

Observational studies with the help of Apps

In an observational study, the market researchers examine the participants in their natural, everyday environment. This year, such research methods have proven to be not quite so simple. The observational study became a real challenge due to the pandemic. With the help of special apps for mobile ethnography, however, new possibilities in qualitative market and consumer research are opening up again. For this purpose, personal everyday experiences are recorded, especially with smartphones, without the presence of the researchers. This results in completely new, partly more authentic, analyses in real time.

Online qualitative surveys

Also focus groups had to be conducted mainly online. As in many other areas, e.g. the home office or in terms of business travel, market research will not be the same as before Corona. The trend towards shifting from offline focus groups to online will therefore continue in the coming year and far beyond.

Conclusion: Survey Trends 2021

Gone are the days of boring, monotonous surveys where every marketing manager has to worry about whether enough answers will come back or not. Market research has evolved and offers more and more ways to collect data quickly and efficiently, while ensuring an engaging user experience. In the coming year, market analyses will be dominated by technological progress and the continued switch to online channels.

Pay particular attention to a mobile and user-friendly format and an appealing user experience. Qualitative research can be carried out most efficiently online. Surveys are and remain indispensable elements in understanding the target group. And if you adapt them to the changing needs of the digital age, nothing should stand in the way of your market research. Do you still need a little support? Then contact us and together we will create the perfect survey for your company.