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The Learning App: Practical, Modern And Flexible

Natalie Ediger, October 26, 2018· Digital Learning

E-learning is in vogue. We want to be able to learn regardless of time and place and exactly according to individual needs. With e-learning this can be achieved and the users learn how, when and where it is exactly right for them. Interactive learning formats are fun. And what could be better than not having the feeling of being swamped by dry facts and figures when learning? Compared to other e-learnings, however, learning apps offer a number of other advantages.

It couldn’t be more flexible than the Learning App

A Learning App can be used in a variety of ways and enables interactive learning and the internalisation of what has been learned in class. As with other e-learning formats, users of Learning Apps can be motivated with trophies or ranking lists, for example.
At the end of a learning unit, for example, a quiz can ask for the new knowledge and reward it with points. The ambition of the users is stimulated and they are encouraged to continue and constantly improve.

What makes Learning Apps so special is that they are even more flexible than other formats. With a Learning App you have the advantage that you immediately have all the necessary content at hand. A classroom out of your pocket. And that’s exactly the attraction of Learning Apps. You can also use them while waiting for the bus, when commuting or in the queue at the cash desk.

The Learning App – less is more

The learning content is conveyed via so-called individual learning nuggets. This means small learning snacks in the form of texts, picture elements and video clips.
With the individual learning nuggets, new insights can be gained in just a few minutes. And at the end of the day you might not even have noticed what you have learned.

The transfer of new knowledge in the form of these interactive multimedia learning modules also makes it possible to explain different topics in different ways.
Because Learning Apps can be used for all kinds of areas. This can be an internal further training in a company, a further training course in programming or a crash course to refresh your Spanish in between. Depending on the topic, area and target group, the learning nuggets can be adapted to suit the learners and the topic best.

Text, image, sound, video – the possibilities are endless. And in order to be able to directly test the knowledge and internalize it even better, there are also countless variants. From assigning the same pairs to multiple choice quizzes to cloze texts.

And in addition to the actual learning content, learning apps also bring another positive aspect. Even people with less affinity for technology can playfully approach the new technologies and unconsciously deal with them.