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Whiteboard Animation for Winners

Natalie Ediger, May 7, 2018· Digital Learning

A Scribble-style explanatory video – a whiteboard animation – is the perfect way to explain a fact, a process, a product or a service in a friendly, visually appealing and understandable way. It is not for nothing that whiteboard animation is our proven classic. But even with the best method you can lose if you don’t use it correctly. So what do you have to pay attention to in order to be a winner? Here are the most important points:

Before the starting signal – or how to prepare properly

Preparation is everything – not only in sports. For us, this means that we deal with the topic to be explained calmly and down to the smallest detail. In an intensive creative workshop, we analyse the target group, agree on expectations and goals, clarify the big question to be answered with the whiteboard animation and take a closer look at many other points.

The summit – or how the whiteboard animation takes shape

Once our client has decided on one of our ideas, our creative team really gets going. The basis of a whiteboard animation is the script.
As so often with us: Storytelling is the big word! We pack the topic into a gripping, funny, emotional or perhaps even provocative story – and make it tangible and easy to understand. Finally, our illustrators illustrate the script and breathe life into it. A point that we always keep in mind? Show don’t tell!

The final spurt – or what must not be forgotten

How can it be ensured that the finished whiteboard animation is really understood? Exactly by trying it out with the target group. Or, as it says in our five working principles: You should test. And that’s exactly what we do. We create a prototype, do a user testing and see immediately if we have to adapt something. So we know that the whiteboard animation will really work for the end user – and that not only makes our customers happy, but also us. Once the possible adjustments have been made, we animate, sound and polish the video.

The goal – the whiteboard animation for winners

The goal was achieved – a whiteboard animation that explains the complex topic in an understandable way with a gripping story, funny pictures and an emotional atmosphere. Cleverclip happy, customer happy, end user happy – a victory all along the line.

Without the right coach every race will be a different challenge – we would be happy to support you with a whiteboard animation from the preparation to the finish line.