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Time to taste the change – Cleverclip becomes part of Tasty Group and Fabienne Heer takes over operational management

Ruzica Beric, August 22, 2023· Cleverclip

Change is great. And it’s an important step forward.

A year and a half ago, we at Cleverclip decided to merge with Comvation. This summer, Comvation took over cubetech. Today, the three companies are under a new umbrella: Tasty.

Tasty, this is a consortium of Swiss digital agencies. Skills that complement each other, experience that trebles, and expertise that really stands out.

Cleverclip has been around for 10 years now. With over 1,500 explanatory videos and over 400 happy customers, we have done our part to simplify the world. But that’s not enough. We want to simplify the world even further with new concepts, cool ideas and dynamic animations and illustrations.

The strategic realignment also changes internally: Rahel Schaad hands over Cleverclip’s management internally to Fabienne Heer. However, Rahel retains the Tasty Group and takes over the management of its sister company Comvation.

We are grateful for all the milestones we have achieved to date and are very much looking forward to the future. From now on, we are proud to implement even larger, more comprehensive and interdisciplinary projects under the Tasty Group.