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Video Content: Why You Need to Follow This Trend?

Natalie Ediger, March 4, 2020· Explainer Video

Video Marketing as an effective content strategy

Competition is increasing across the industry, whereas the consumer’s attention span is decreasing and the daily stimulus satiation is reaching new dimensions. It’s no secret anymore that videos have established themselves in marketing as absolute all-rounders. Nor is it a new trend.

However, it is a trend that is being neglected by many companies. Whether it is for cost reasons, lack of time or still the lack of credibility that video content is so powerful, but companies integrate video content far too little into their own strategy. Or are they simply individualists and unwilling to follow trends?  Well then, it is time to reconsider! In this article we explain why it is worth becoming a trend follower and making video content part of your marketing strategy.

The importance of video content

Marketing expert McQuivey estimates that a 60 second video is equivalent to the content of about 1.8 million words. That is quite a lot! Video content therefore enables information to be conveyed briefly and precisely, yet vividly and emotionally. The increasing importance of video is particularly attributable to the goldfish generation.

After all, we don’t have time for long texts. At the same time, the online and offline world is so saturated with content that we can no longer consciously perceive the content. Unless it is particularly good. And this is exactly where video content comes into play!

Conversion Rates

Videos are considered a powerful engine to boost conversions. Landing pages with video content, for example, record about 80% higher conversions. In an e-mail, the click rate increases by phenomenal 200-300%! You just have to mention the keyword “video” in the subject and the opening rate increases by 19% whereas the unsubscribe rate decreases by 26%! Still doubting?

Not to forget that 64% of consumers confirm that they tend to buy a product after watching the video. Well… does the idea of video content seem to be becoming more and more appealing to you? But hold on, there are more good reasons to switch to video content!

Customers want video

The customer is king, right? Well, then be aware: 96% of all consumers consider a video to be helpful for further purchase decisions. A study also showed that every consumer watches an average of 1.5 hours of video content … every day. So why not giving the customers what they want? This is also true for B2B: Forbes confirms that 59% of all executive executives prefer video content over text.


Company pages with embedded videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first Google page than pages with pure text content. How can this be explained? Well, Google and videos have an eternal friendship pact, two “besties” who have found each other… or something like that. Just kidding!

Of course, there is a very simple explanation: Google focused on user experience, as the search engine has the mission to provide solutions to problems. Videos usually get a much higher retention time of webpage visitors and therefore indicate preferred content to Google. Besides good content helps  you to get dome backlinks, tada…! Another step towards Google’s shortlist.

Rise to the social media crack

In general, video content on social networks achieves up to 1200% higher shares than text combined with images. And users interact more, distributing more likes and comments. The generally higher engagement rate per post also has a positive impact on the algorithm: While your competition goes down in the shadow-ban, you enjoy the higher reach. Higher reach= more potential followers= more potential customers. The way to go!

Creating personality and trust

Using storytelling, videos build a brand personality making the brand more human, authentic and creating more trust and credibility among consumers. After all, people build relationships with other people and not with objects, right? And it is precisely this emotional bond that enables the target group to identify much better with the product.

Especially with new brands, a video allows to create trust and also to leave a lasting impression. Not to forget, videos are suitable for every phase of the sales funnel: from strangers, to leads, from leads to customers, from customers to ultimate brand fans.

Stronger brand awareness

Have you ever read a whole page about a company or product and suddenly realized that you don’t even know what you have just read? Absolutely nothing got stuck. Boring on top of it and apart from that a complete waste of time. Hmmm…you probably drifted off at the second word already? Sounds familiar! Anyway… not a very nice feedback for the respective company site. But video content can help at this point!

Our brain processes visual content about 60.000 times faster than pure text. We remember stories 22 times easier. Well, and videos…? Combine stories with pictures! Visual Storytelling is the high art of marketing and videos make exactly that possible! This enables the consumer to store information better in the long-term memory. More precisely, 95% of consumers remember information from videos, compared to 10% when they read them in text format.

Isn’t video content extremely expensive?

A video production sounds expensive at first and therefore discourages many companies. In fact, video production is cheaper than ever before as the market moves so fast and offers more and more opportunities away from expensive production studies. Now even mobile phone videos can be created in 4K. Did you also know that for most videos, the quality in the video is not the most important thing? The message of the video is much more significant. It must be authentic and not artificial and identifiable to the audience.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should upload any shaky mobile phone videos that are more pixelated than a pixogram. But it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood-ready production as long as the video can captivate the audience with authentic charm. At this point it is important to develop a video strategy and analyze exactly what purpose you want to achieve, where the video is directed to and which format is best suited.

And… Action, follow the video trend!

Well, we now understand that every marketing advice goes in the direction of video content. Because with the shorter attention span you have a minimal time window to convince the customer. Videos are not only versatile on different distribution channels, but can also take on different formats. A trend that will certainly last longer. From explainer, classic corporate videos to immersive adventures, the world of video content is becoming more and more diverse and increases the customer experience enormously. So, sometimes it is worthwhile to be less individualistic and think in the direction of trend followers.