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Web design trends 2021

Natalie Ediger, June 11, 2021· Interactive Content

Today, websites are a dime a dozen. To be precise, there are 1.72 billion websites floating around the world. This probably comes as little surprise in an age in which marketing is predominantly done digitally. So running a business website isn’t exactly a masterpiece, but rather a basic requirement to somehow be spotted. However, in order for a modern website to really convert, it’s important to keep it up to date. To help you keep your site in the fast lane, I’m sharing some “web design trends” with you today.

Web design trends


No, this is not an accidental spelling mistake 😉 Scrollytelling is made up of the words “scroll” and, surprise, “storytelling”. Let’s call it a kind of fusion of media, storytelling and navigation. Today, it is no longer enough to provide a web page with a few pieces of information. Boring content no longer attracts the attention of the target group. And this is exactly where “scrollytelling” comes into play. With the help of multimedia media, such as videos, moving elements and sound design, a story is told. This not only demonstrates your creative streak, but also makes the webpage a lot more interactive for the user – which brings us to the next point.

Interactive websites

I’ve written about interactive content before – for many, interactive content sounds like some robot toys. But it’s more about engaging the viewer in the content in different ways.

This can be done well, for example, with the help of integrated interactive infographics, where the user can click on certain buttons. The more the user is involved in the webpage content, the higher the dwell time and ultimately the chance of gaining more conversions.

Moreover, interactive websites offer multilevel information. In other words, despite a lot of content, everything can be integrated at different levels and does not seem overwhelming to the user.

Parallax scrolling

A trend that has been around for years. Parallax scrolling is a particularly popular animation technique based on motion parallax. The elements are given different speeds as they scroll and therefore give the web page a spatial depth.

But beware, too much-integrated motion parallax could be harmful to people with balance disorders, as the illusion of depth and movement can cause disorientation and dizziness. So, everything always in mass 🙂

3D animation

What would a webpage be today without impressive design? Our brain processes visual elements 60,000 times faster than text-based ones. Therefore, visual information transfer is also much more effective.

Of course, 3D animation is particularly popular here. It looks realistic and offers designers a lot of creative freedom. Apart from that, a 3D animation is a real eye-catcher. And attracting the attention of the target group is exactly what we want, isn’t it?

Web apps with frameworks

More and more often, special frameworks are used in the programming of web pages. A framework is a term in the field of software development. It is a kind of pre-programming, in which certain functions and elements are already included and for this reason, do not have to be created from scratch each time. So a kind of basic architecture of the software. Such frameworks reduce redundant tasks in web page design and also offer faster loading times to the user.

Such frameworks are also practical for content managers and copywriters. For example, you can use programs like “Contentful”, where content blocks can be easily updated.

Responsive design

Actually not a trend anymore, but a basic requirement for every webpage nowadays.

Responsive web design means that the webpage content can be flexibly adapted to the characteristics of the different end devices. For example, the user should be able to call up the website from the desktop as well as smartphone or tablet without any problems and without any loss in design.

For this, the various elements are dynamically adapted to the respective screen size and resolution. By the way, this is not only important from the point of view of user experience. Responsive web design plays an essential role especially for SEO and is rewarded with a higher ranking.

Website Builders

Squarespace, Wix, Workflow, by now there are a lot of possibilities to create a webpage relatively easy yet professional.

Templates are, of course, generally such a thing. They can be helpful, especially for companies with a relatively small budget and possibly lacking expertise. At the same time, templates can of course (if not designed importantly) look amateurish.

It is also important to remember that when using templates, you do not have complete control over your website, which can lead to security vulnerabilities.

Web Design Trends Conclusion

Trends are, of course, always just a snapshot. They change quickly and are not particularly long-lasting. Nevertheless, it is important to take some new developments into account in order to provide the target group with an exciting page. Ultimately, the better the user experience and the more interesting the content, the higher the likelihood that the user will stay on the page and effectively engage with the brand message. So, it definitely pays to be a trending follower for a change. Do you need support with the implementation of your webpage? Very good, this is our specialty and we are happy to help :).