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Why To Use An Explainer Video?

Natalie Ediger, November 7, 2017· Digital Learning

In order to get an idea of the problems that an explanation video can solve, I have created a hit list of the reasons for an explanation video for you. Why do customers contact us the most?

Dry Theory

A team has spent more time dealing with a plan or theory, a new business strategy or a growth plan – and now they want to bring this new idea closer to the whole workforce.

The text that is not read

A department head creates a flyer or a presentation on a really exciting topic, but realizes that nobody wants to read it. Since it can’t be because of the content, the way the text is transported has to be changed.

The big idea

A new service or product has been developed. Certainly a groundbreaking innovation that will revolutionize the world. But only if everyone knows about it and understands what the product or service can do.

The project that has to convince

In order to launch a project or reach the next stage, decision-makers, donors and opinion leaders must be convinced. To do this, the key points of the project must be explained quickly and easily.

A round speech

To make the opening speech of the Christmas party, the CEO’s presentation or the laudation at the end of the year anything but boring, the speech will be opened or loosened up with a short video. By the way, these are also excellent occasions for graphic recordings.

As different as the starting situations and reasons for an explanation video may be, they can all be reduced to a common denominator: Something should be explained in such a way that everyone of the desired target group understands it and can also remember it. And that’s exactly what Cleverclip is all about. To convey a fact – no matter how complicated it may be – with the help of pictures and text in a simple way. Just because the world is already complicated enough.

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