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Why the Persona Is So Important In Our Explanation Videos!

Natalie Ediger, July 16, 2017· Cleverclip

We explained in one of our last blogs why we always start our projects with an intensive workshop. Before we devote ourselves in the least to the actual product or the service to be explained, we take care of the target group. More precisely, the persona. Because: A film for 5th graders will differ considerably from a video for a 40-year-old businessman – even if the subject is the same. Ultimately, it is the be-all and end-all of an explanatory video that people from the target group feel addressed. If this is not the case, they will not watch the video at all or at least not to the end. In addition to the adjustments of the language, explanation depth and other aspects, it is sometimes worthwhile to decide on a video style only after the workshop. This means that the choice for a scribble or digital also depends on the target group in addition to the product or service to be explained.

Architect, 39, father of a family

The first step comes from our customers. Because they have to tell us every little detail they know about their target group. First, we take a close look at the demographic data: age, gender, profession and nationality, for example. From all this information, we then create a persona. By giving the target group a face, it is brought to life and does not remain anonymous – in contrast to the lifeless description “men between 30 and 50”, we can imagine the needs of our archetype much earlier than the target group “architect, 39, father of a family”.

Dreams, desires, longings

Then we go one step further and look at the psychological characteristics of our fictional character – what are his desires, his opinions and values, his lifestyle and his motivation? Only if we intensively deal with these ideas and conceptions can we define the real target group to be reached with video. Last but not least, we put the finishing touches to our persona and give it a name – let’s take “Tobias”.

Tobias, our guarantee

The persona is not only of great help to us for the creation of the videos – it also plays a decisive role for our user testing. Because we know exactly with whom we test our explanatory films – with Tobias! And if he understands it and likes it, then we can assume without fear that our video will work for the target group.

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