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Why we always start a project with a workshop

Natalie Ediger, January 30, 2017· Communication

In the next five minutes I want to show you why we are able to explain hospital information systems, lean management, divestment, print products and much more.

The Workshop

We start each project with a workshop. Directly at the customer.
The workshop serves to create a common knowledge base and to coordinate expectations and goals. Of course, this doesn’t just work that way, but follows a sophisticated system: our Cleverclip Canvas.

The Cleverclip Canvas

With the help of the Cleverclip Canvas we can work out exactly what, who and what is at stake.

The Cleverclip Canvas can be divided into five large sections:

1. General information
2. Target group analysis
3. Big Question
4. Topic analysis
5. Pain & Pain Killer

1. General information

That’s the easiest part. Here you enter the name of the project. The workshop date. The deadline. The areas of application. The languages. And which add-ons – i.e. further services – are desired.

2. Target group analysis

Here it gets a little more complex. We want to find out everything about the target group. So our customer has to tell us everything he knows about the target group of the video. From sociodemographic data such as age, gender, education, etc. to concrete characteristics, wishes, ideas, prior knowledge, interests and fears. In the lowest field the persona is created from these data. A fictitious person with the most important characteristics from the target group, which is to be reached with the video. But more about that later.

3. Big Question

Every explanation needs a question first. And this is defined here. So what exactly is to be explained with the explanatory film?

4. Topic analysis

Now we change sides. From the target group to the topic. Here the topic to be explained is dealt with in detail. First we examine exactly what it is about. So what makes the topic. Then, how it works. Because the function must also be explained at the end. And why it does what it does must not be neglected.

5. Pain & Painkiller

Sounds like torture and pain pills, but it means something else. The most important pains of the target group are entered in the upper field. So what disturbs them the most in their daily routine? Or job. Or when using a certain app. Or, or, or.
And in the lower field you will find the solutions that our topic offers. This makes it clear at a glance what benefits the topic actually has for the target group.

Last but not least:

If we look so closely at the target group and tailor everything to this person in the further process, a danger arises. What if our customer doesn’t know exactly what his target group is? What if our customer comes up with facts about his target group and we continue to work with them? Develop concepts with false information? What then?
Then nothing happens. Because with our user testings we have installed a parachute that informs us in time if we don’t address the target group exactly. You can read more about user testing here.

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