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Why We Have No Vendors at Cleverclip

Natalie Ediger, October 23, 2017· Cleverclip

Who doesn’t know him, the salesman, who always calls at the most inopportune moments and is difficult to get rid of. Sooner or later everyone has this experience – whether privately or at work. Last week, however, I had a very good experience with an insurance agent. Actually – per cliché – the worst kind. This, however, was the known exception that confirms the rule. I had the feeling that he was not interested in his profit but in a good deal for me – and after an extensive internet research this proved to be right.

So sellers have different ways to achieve their goals. Whoever chooses the second option mentioned above will most likely have the better cards. But there is also a third way: There is simply no seller. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more sales talks – but at Cleverclip we don’t separate the positions of the seller and the consultant. And this leads to advantages for all parties involved and simplifies cooperation.

Once you have signed the contract in the classic organizational form, you are forwarded to the actual project manager. So you have to get used to a new person again. If it gets really fat and the salesman was only after the sale, he may even have promised something that cannot be kept. A frustrating situation for both sides, neither for the company nor for the customer. In order to avoid this, we decided against actual Sale Representatives.

The first contact person, who normally also accompanies the entire project, brings the experience from other projects with him right from the start. This means that our consultants can give very good estimates of how much time a project will take, what is feasible and where there might be something to do. They can also give feedback and advice on the design in order to achieve the best possible result. In this way, a wide-ranging and competent consultation can be achieved right from the start – one that is not just focused on the sale. Since each consultant is responsible for the entire project, the risk of unrealistic things being promised that cannot subsequently be implemented is also reduced. Motivation for good cooperation and full commitment to the project are at the top of the list – for a perfect result on both sides.

Motivated employees are satisfied employees. And satisfied employees perform better. Result? A high-quality product and happy customers – the classic win-win-win situation.