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Natalie Ediger, August 21, 2015· Digital Learning

Visual Communication: A trip to Alexandria

A good two thousand years ago there was a large library in Alexandria in Egypt today. Thousands and thousands of scrolls were brought to the Mediterranean metropolis with the ambitious goal of collecting and concentrating all the knowledge of the ancient world in one place. These scrolls covered everything from natural science, mathematics and medicine to philosophy.
The “Great Library” was a place of wisdom visited by people from all over the world. An almost magical place that attracted the powerful of the time. After all, knowledge is power.
In the meantime, truth and legend are difficult to separate regarding this library. In fact and truth, there is not even archaeological evidence of its existence. Nevertheless, we are fascinated by the idea of a place where the achievements of centuries can be seen.
With the destruction of the library, this chapter came to an end, and for centuries there was never again a comparable site.
To this day.

Our “Great Library”

We’ve got the Internet. It is our “Great Library” – and compared to it the Library of Alexandria is an insignificant children’s playground. There is an incredible amount of information stored on the Internet. We are talking about amounts of data that go beyond any imagination. And not only that, these amounts of data are even growing every day. It is impossible to foresee where this will lead…
What’s particularly fascinating is that with a small device that fits in our pocket, we can access this data practically from anywhere. To put it a bit boldly, we actually carry the entire knowledge of humanity around with us every day.
These are fantastic, wondrous times in which we live. But unfortunately, as always, not all that glitters is gold. Because at the same time such an incredible flood of data can overwhelm us… How do you find the right information? What is truth, what is not? Questions you have to deal with if you really want to profit from the “gift” called the Internet.

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